Building stronger financial futures for Charleston residents

Affordable financial products and services.
Bank On Charleston is a coalition of local organizations, financial institutions, and the City of Charleston working to financially empower the citizens of Charleston. Through Bank On, we work to connect unbanked individuals to safe, affordable bank accounts, and to provide financial education workshops for youth and adults. It’s never too late to become the master of your finances and at Bank On we’re here to make that a reality.
Our Coalition
Join us in our mission of providing financial stability to all Charleston residents by guiding them to safe and affordable banking services, and arming them with the financial knowledge they need to become a success!
Bank On Charleston coalition members work together to ensure that all Charleston residents have access to safe and affordable bank accounts that meet their needs and encourage financial growth and stability. Our coalition banks achieve this by creating accounts that have zero unexpected fees, adding overdraft safety nets and providing you with free deposits, free withdrawals, and free bill payments, Bank On is here to help you find success!

These accounts do not allow overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees, so you’ll never be hit with a surprise fee.
Low Cost

Certified accounts are $5 or less per month, with no unpredictable fees.

Certified accounts always allow free deposits, free withdrawals, and free bill payments.
Underbanked Households

19.4% of Charleston households are underbanked, relying on some alternative financial services.
Unbanked Households

6.7% of Charleston households do not have a banking account
Unbanked cost per family

Being unbanked can cost $40K over a lifetime due to use of costly alternative financial services for routine financial transactions