Youth Resources

Youth Resources

Bank On Charleston has the resources you need for you to become the master of your finances

Hands on experience is essential to help teach kids about finances. This is why we believe that opening a safe checking and savings account is essential for children, especially those in there adolescent years. Our official bank on partner banks have affordable low cost checking and saving accounts catered towards youth and students. These accounts serve to provide critical hands on experience for children who are getting ready for the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood. These accounts usually waive fees and have options that promote saving. A checking and savings account is a great way to protect and grow your money. This is why at Bank On Charleston we are looking to expand our horizon through our financial education workshop program to help teach Charleston area youth all about good financial practices that will set them up for success. Our partner organizations, Increasing H.O.P.E and Origin SC also have excellent and comprehensive financial education resources and workshops to help people of all ages become the masters of their finances.

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